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Koko Bakery in Cleveland Ohio (Photo by Nancy Heller)

Koko Bakery Rebrand Concept

Growing up only a short drive from Cleveland, Ohio, often my family would take us kids to different activites and resturaunts in the area. Mine and my brothers favorite trips always involved the asian restaurants and bakeries. My aunt, who lives in Cleveland, would explorethe city and report back to us any good culinary finds. Koko Bakery immediately became a place we had to try. Bubble tea, a loaf of taro-swirled bread and a small pastry was our families order, and we fell in love after the first bite.

Now living in Detroit, I longed for the quick family trips to Cleveland to eat dim-sum and visit Koko Bakery for desert. I remembered only knowing Koko Bakery was there by the sign outside, and I never remembered any distinct packaging or branding. Knowing how amazing this bakery was, I knew some eye-catching concepts could help drive customers to their bakery. This concept explores illustrative assets mixed in with playful motion graphics that could be used on social media, on their website, and in their packaging.

big box mockup.jpg
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