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Logo and Brand Design

Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Three queers, one house (apartment), one goal.

Throw. Queer. Parties.



Queer Trap House (QTH) was created by my roommates, Tristan Slade, Jozie Bullard, and myself. QTH came from a place of longing. After many queer club nights and parties falling through, being cancled, or just being plain lame, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We all longed for a place to feel at home with our community again. This lead to the creation of a continuing event that we could offer to our community. For the events, we would need recognizable logos and iconography that could be used over and over again. To understand the Iconography used in the QTH logo, we must first introduce the words "queer" and "trap house".




trap house

/trap hous/


Originally pejorative for gay, now being reclaimed by some gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons as a self-affirming umbrella term.

Term used to define a crack house, or the surroundings in which a drug dealer would use to make their profit.


These two concepts, though different, have a similarity; both are thought of as the underbelly of society. Being a group of queer artists living just north of downtown Detroit, MI, we could all relate to these words. We wanted to create an open, inviting, and exciting space for anyone in the Detroit area who has felt left out by mainstream society. These words lead to exploration into an eye-catching logo that would make us recognizable to residents in the Detroit area.


Trap House...

but make it fun




Queer Trap House Building-01.jpg
Queer Trap House Font.jpg
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