A Case Study Exploring Packaging and Advertising Concepts

Branding and Advertising Case Study

October 2020 - Jan 2021


packaging ideas were kept minimal with pastel color pallets for each flavor. Advertising also followed similar guidelines, while also adding supporting flavor profile images.





Inspiration was drawn from other milk carton designs. All reference had a similar minimal design with simple color pallets. After looking through packaging shapes, it was decided to go with a "personal carton" design. This design is similar to the top right reference photo. This would allow for a familiar carton shape, while also providing the consumer with a caped drink. This eliminates the use of tearing open the carton, and allows the consumer to close the drink to transport or store in a refrigerator. 

Packaging Ideas

final designs

Social Media Sized Ad Ideas

Using color and flavor variations shows the companies range in products, but also creates a cohesive set of ads. This repetition in color tone and element

layout gives a visual language the consumer will recognize as Troo Milk.

Each ad will be animated in a similar manner to the strawberry version. This will add more repetition to the set of ad's.

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